The weird and wonderful 10 bizarre cat behaviors explained

Cats are creatures shrouded in mystery. If you have a cat, you’ll know that sometimes their behaviour defies logic. If you’re curious about why your cat behaves in a certain way and want to learn how to be fluent in kitty-cat, read on for 10 bizarre cat behaviours explained. 

  1. Head bumping

When your cat repeatedly bashes you in the face with their furry little head, take it as a positive sign; it normally means they like you! It’s basically the cat version of a fist bump with a splash of possessiveness. Head bumping you covers you in their scent, so it’s a good way of letting any other cats on the scene know that you belong to them. Cute, yes. Creepy? …maybe a little. 

  1. Chattering

Cats make all kinds of weird noises but chattering has to be up there. This noise is normally heard when your cat is very excited about something. Usually when they spot potential prey that’s just out of their reach – basically, it’s the sound of excitement coupled with annoyance that they can’t have what they want! 

  1. Gift giving

Wondering why your cat keeps bringing in dead pigeons? Or maybe the odd mouse? This is actually a gift from them to you (and from their perspective, a very thoughtful gesture indeed!). It’s gross and you hate it, we know, but be careful to remain neutral when your cat brings these ‘presents’ home. Admonishing your cat can upset and confuse them, while praising your cat may encourage them to bring you more. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, none of us want that. 

  1. Showing their bum 

It may seem like your cat is just being a bit rude but when they show you their bum but it’s actually a sign they feel really safe in your company. You can acknowledge the sign of affection by giving them a stroke on the back. No need to return the gesture itself. 

  1. Sleeping in tight spaces

Ever found your cat fast asleep in a teeny, tiny space, like a box or a small drawer? While it might not look that comfortable to us humans, cats actually love sleeping like this. Sleeping in a small space makes them feel safe and protected and it is an evolutionary trait that was used to keep clear of predators. Let your cat sleep squished up in that box in peace. 

  1. Refusing to use their litter tray

If your cat isn’t a bit of a diva then you probably need to question if your pet is really a cat at all. This diva-like behaviour may include suddenly not wanting to use their litter tray. It kind of goes without saying but cats have extremely high standards and may refuse to go to the toilet if the environment smells a bit wiffy. Make sure to keep your cat’s litter tray clean and fresh, otherwise prepare to suffer their displeasure. 

  1. Kneading

While the majority of us love a nice massage, getting one from your fur baby when they have such sharp claws isn’t exactly pleasant. Ever wonder why they do it? Cats knead for a range of reasons; to prepare a spot to sleep on, to disperse their scent or simply just for comfort. The only choice you have is to grin and bear it. You didn’t choose the cat-life, the cat-life chose you. 

  1. Knocking things over

You might think your cat constantly knocks things over out of spite for some real (or imagined) wrongdoing on your part, but in reality this isn’t the case. They do this to assess their surroundings and figure out what’s prey and what’s not. However, cats are quick to notice when you come to pick certain things up and this may become a bit of an annoying game (for you) if you aren’t careful. 

  1. Zooming

You might find this behaviour bizarre, but most cats get the ‘zoomies’…usually at 3 o’clock in the morning. Cats are very energetic animals and their instinctive hunter instincts mean sudden bursts of extreme energy is a common occurrence. Many cats sleep during the day too, which means they’re likely to be awake at night time. While you can’t really change a cat’s sleep schedule, try to play with them and stimulate them more during the day to minimise the dreaded zoomies. 

  1. Constantly interrupting

Whether you’re trying to work from home, make dinner or even just use the toilet, cats normally decide this is exactly the moment they want your complete, undivided attention. Cats like to live life on their own terms, so when you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The easiest thing to do is just get in line and give your cat all the neck scratches they want.

Does your cat do anything you find a bit weird? Connect with us on social media and tell us all about it! 

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