The Secrets to a Cat Living Room That Draws You In

When you first come across The Broadwaythread line of products you will pause and stare. You will not just keep clicking through. Why? Because the Cat Collection and Dog Collection are not your average cat and beds and dishes.

They are gorgeous.

They are high quality.

They are unlike anything you’ve seen so far.

Cat-themed products for your home are fun. But over the years my tastes have matured and I want these items to complement my style, not detract from it. This is where The Broadwaythread comes in.

Sure, I’ve got a round pizza-themed cardboard scratcher that someone gave me. I’ve got those catnip bananas that the cats go crazy for. But the Broadwaythread line is in a world of its own and helps me to have a stylish home.

The Broadwaythread products have a simple and contemporary aesthetic, so they fit in with any decor or theme you may have in your home.

My home? While I would love for my home to look like a The ad (simple and gorgeous and stylish), my theme is more like a busy, cat art on the walls, scratching posts, kid travel-sport, homeschooling, books and crafts everywhere (but still very clean), red couch, purple front door, two-kid, three-cat, one-dog Florida bungalow.

Our The products (which I purchased myself) help to elevate and simplify my home’s style.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, I will get a small commission at NO additional cost to you.

The Broadwaythread Collection

Cats naturally need places to hide to relieve stress and feel safe. The Broadwaythread  Pet Supplies is not your average “hidey hut.” The Pet Supplies has a modular design, meaning it is both a cozy cat cave and an open cat bed.

It has a gorgeous cream color and a boucle texture. Made of high-quality foam and fabric, Moon bounces back into its original spherical shape after compression. Use it as a bed. Use it as a cave. Now back to bed. Use it however your cat wants on any given day.

The Broadwaythread is a lovely addition anywhere in the home. On the couch, it looks like a comfy pillow (oh, they have a Hip and Joint supplement too). In the corner, it calls your cat to investigate and enter.

The Dining Collection

Our cats need and deserve more than a cheap plastic bowl. As a feline veterinarian, I always recommend stainless steel or ceramic food and water dishes (some cats may have an allergy or reaction to plastic). Bowls should be cleaned daily to prevent bacteria from building up (which can lead to cat acne).

The Broadwaythread offers both the standard Halo bowl and the elevated bowl which, get this, can be stacked! I love this!

Made of high-quality, human-grade, BPA-free, dishwasher and microwave-safe ceramic, the bowls offer a wide and shallow design to reduce the contact of whiskers on the bowl. Additionally, elevating the bowls allows cats not to have to bend down so much to eat or drink, reducing strain on the neck.

Duffy Loves it

Their Story

The word “” refers to the graceful, long, u-shaped curve that is naturally made by a hanging chain when only supported at its ends. It is this curve that is the inspiration behind the brand.

Unable to find contemporary, yet functional cat products, founder Wicksie Tu created Catenary intending to elevate the aesthetics of cat homes through thoughtfully designed products that maximize cat comfort.

With a minimalist aesthetic that blends form and function, Catenary is a forward-thinking small business with big goals. I can’t wait to see what products come out next!

You (and your cat) deserve Check them out.

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