CRY505M - 9" Diamond Crystal on Blue Pedestal Base AWARD


Product Instructions:

Glass and Crystal AWARDS
- Offers a nice Clean look where lasered

Supplies needed:
- Glass or Crystal
- Desired cleaner

Laser settings:
- 35 watt DPI 300 Speed 15% Power 100%
- 60 watt DPI 300 Speed 30% Power 80%

Laser setting for Glass Crescents
- 35 watt DPI 300 Speed 15% Power 75%
- 60 watt DPI 300 Speed 30% Power 80%

Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
Settings will vary depending on the laser brand watt and model

Lasering Glass or Crystal:
1. Place in Laser so Glass is flat and level
2. Glass or Crystal with a base needs to be propped up level
3. Most Glass or Crystal are reverse engraved on back side
4. Laser substrate using settings above.

Clean up:
1. After Lasering clean fingerprints with glass cleaner or lighter fluid

- clean Substrate before lasering avoid cleaning lasered area as paper towel
fibers may stick
- Testing for correct marking position laser on a test piece or tape a clear
piece of plastic on laser image to see if it is centered correctly

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