AFD11GD - 10 3/4" Gold Floating Diamond Acrylic


- Offers a nice frosted look where lasered
- easy to use

Supplies needed:
- Acrylic substrate
- Desired cleaner

Laser settings:
- 35 watt DPI 400-600 Speed 55% Power 45%
- 60 watt DPI 400-600 Speed 80% Power 45%

Laser setting for coated Acrylics (painted on back)
- 35 watt DPI 400-600 Speed 55% Power 65%
- 60 watt DPI 400-600 Speed 45% Power 25%

The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
Settings will vary depending on the laser brand watt and model

Lasering Acrylic:
1. Place in Laser so Acrylic is flat and level
2. Acrylics with a base need to be propped up level
3. Most Acrylics are reverse engraved on back side
4. Laser substrate using settings above.

Clean up:
1. After Lasering Acrylic clean with Novus #1 plastic clean & shine or

- clean Acrylic before lasering
- Testing for correct marking position laser on a test piece or tape a clear
piece of plastic on laser image to see if it is centered correctly

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